The use of stones to bring about healing and balance has been around since the beginning of time. In China the first recorded use of heated stones to relieve tired muscles dates back to 4000 BC. Chinese practices used a variety of stone (jade, marble, volcanic) that were placed on the body either heated or cooled. Native American Indians used them in sweat lodges and used sun-baked stones to relieve cramps. Healers used stones from the riverbeds and warmed them in hot coals or water and then placed them on cloth on the body to relax the muscles, reduce pain and boost the healing process.

Hot stones relax the muscles and connective tissue, so reducing tension on the joints. The hot stones become an extension of the therapist hands. Once the muscles have been warmed and relaxed it is easier to apply deeper massage manipulation to areas of existing tension.

The Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment, which combines holistic massage with the use of water-heated smooth basalt stones that originate from the riverbeds of Peru.

The Treatment

The treatment commences with a steamy towel applied to the soles of the feet, to warm and cleanse them. This is followed by the holistic back massage, incorporating hot stones to deeply relax and ease areas of tension. The treatment continues with a soothing foot massage whilst lying on towel heated by a selection of larger hot stones placed underneath. Alternatively, choose a refreshing facial using cool marble stones. Towels will be used to ensure your modesty. This truly is an exquisite treatment.

The Benefits

  • Relieves deep muscular tension
  • Softens and relaxes the muscle tissue to aid deeper massage
  • The warmth can relieve muscular pain
  • Helps to improve joint alignment and release pinched nerves
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps to eliminate tension headaches
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves circulation and removal of toxins
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves health and well-being
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and tension
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps to lower blood pressure


45 mins

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